Custom Blended Solutions

Columbus Chemical Industries has the expertise and capabilities to custom blend your formulations to your exact specifications. We have assisted clients from initial concept through research and development, into laboratory sample batches leading to full production batches. If you simply have an idea or concept, or have a fully developed formulation, we can assist in bringing your product to market!


Between our two domestic production facilities in Columbus, WI and Phoenix, AZ, we have the capabilities and capacity to initiate your formulations in drum or tote size batches and quickly grow them into our multiple 1,000 gallon, 2,500 gallon or 5,000 gallon custom chemical solution blending systems. We have fitted our tanks with load cells, heaters, and dry powder diffusers to ensure accuracy and assist with the blending of your formulations.

In-House Technical Capabilities

We are proud to have multiple degreed chemists on staff, and they work diligently to ensure your materials are tested to meet your specifications. Samples of raw materials, in process batches and finished goods are consistently tested and recorded to guarantee your products meet their expected results. As part of our fully equipped laboratory, we are proud to offer an ICP-MS and are able to offer test results down to ppb levels if required.

Private Labeling and Packaging

We are able to package your materials in a variety of containers from 500 mL bottles to tanker trucks. We offer complete labeling services, including in-house full-color label printing. Our label creation team ensures your layout, artwork, and custom content such as bar-codes meet your expectations as well as meet all applicable labeling requirements. Please share with us your vision, and we will work together to make it your reality!


CCI has been providing chemical processing solutions for 35+ years. We can help with sourcing, mixing, repackaging, testing and so much more. Contact us today!